UMETECH-LOGO-EUFundacion Eurosur, relatively to the activities it oversees within the UMETECH project, is responsible of diffusion and dissemination activities, as well as communication and visibility and of the development of the knowledge sharing system.

Coherently with the Financial plan approved by the European Union and within the guidelines provided by the EU, Fundacion Eurosur would like to avail oneself of subcontractors for the following specific activities:

a) Organization of the Kick-off Conference in Cordoba (year 2017) for a maximum sum of 14000 €

b) Realization of the publicity materials of the project (year 2017) for a maximum sum of 9200 €

c) Development of the Knowledge Sharing System (year 2017) for a maximum sum of 18900 €

d) Organization of the Final Conference in Lima (year 2018) for a maximum sum of 12000 €

Potential operators with interest to present a tender for the realization of the above services should write an e-mail to with the request to make an offer. Operators have to submit their request before February 25th 2017 for the 2017 activities and before February 25th 2018 for the 2018 services.

The whole call for tender can be found here.